Timothy Peck, MD

Co-Founder & CEO, Call9

Peck left a faculty position at Harvard to co-found Call9, a startup that delivers emergency and palliative care to nursing home patients. A proprietary technology platform connects Call9 physicians to on-site first responders avoiding unnecessary transports to the hospital. Previously a Chief Resident in the ED at Beth Israel Deaconess, Peck saw first-hand the need to provide real-time emergency care. Call9 was a member of Y Combinator’s Summer 2015 class, and is now going to scale throughout New York and beyond.

Tell us your innovation story.

Nearly 20% of ambulance trips to the emergency department come from nursing homes and rehabs. The average time it takes for a patient to see a physician in the emergency room is 64 minutes from the moment of a 911 call. As an Emergency Physician I saw first-hand the effects of these problems.
Patient’s who could have and should have been treated in their nursing home bed were transferred to the ED worsening their condition and exacerbating the trauma of their acute event; and patients who would have immensely benefited from immediate intervention suffered unnecessarily while waiting to see a doctor in the emergency room. Call9’s high-touch, high-tech model, which connects our on-site first responders with remote Call9 Emergency Physicians via our technology platform, was the solution to both of those problems — realized in the service of our nation’s most vulnerable patients.

What have been your biggest accomplishments and challenges to date?

Call9 has created a new model of Emergency Medicine. The delivery of critical care in nursing homes had never been done before. Further, not only have we replaced an emergency room visit but the subsequent hospitalization that so many patients in this population require when sent to the ED. Our on-site first responders are in the nursing home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which allows them to be there at the moment of the emergency, and then round on patients till they return to their baseline health state.

What do you see as the biggest opportunity to improve healthcare for Aging Americans?

We created the Call9 solution because nursing homes are where we saw the biggest delta between the quality of care that Aging Americans could be receiving and what they were receiving. As for Aging Americans across all living situations, I see palliative care as a real quality of life improvement opportunity. We instituted a Palliative Care Program at Call9 — led by Dr. Claritza Rios, a truly remarkable physician — when we realized the quality of care improvement it created for both the aging adult and their family.

What is your definition of Successful Aging?

Being able to do what you love to do for as long as you can continue to love to do it — and being able to love to do it for as long as possible.

Why are you participating in the d.health Summit 2018?

Two reasons: 1) to learn from other leaders in the field and, 2) because Aging Adults thrive in Call9-enabled homes and we’re excited to share how we can transform care for nursing home residents. Call9 is redefining the nursing home experience.

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