by Carrie Pallardy  |  November 05, 2015  |  This article originally appeared in Becker’s Healthcare

touch1-2-3Telemedicine solution TouchCare has launched updated product offerings designed to allow providers to adapt telemedicine visits into their workflow. Here are five things to know:


1. The HIPAA-compliant TouchCare platform is available on iOS and Android devices.

2. The updated product includes a web-based dashboard designed for administrative functions performed by support staff. Additionally, the platform now has an integrated payment platform for direct patient billing and enhanced security and video performance features.

3. The Practice Dashboard aims to give physicians the ability to delegate telemedicine workflow to the correct staff members.

4. The new integrated credit card payment capability uses mobile payment platform Stripe. Providers have the ability to set and adjust the price for any video consultation.

5. The TouchCare platform is free to download for patients and providers. Providers may access additional capabilities, including the new features, starting at $99 per month.

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