More than 50.000 people in the Netherlands have Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson-specific and personalized healthcare is essential to improve the daily life of these patients. For over a decade now, ParkinsonNet strives to offer these patients the best possible care needed. ParkinsonNet, established by Dr. Bas Bloem and Marten Munneke in Nijmegen, The Netherlands in 2004, is a nationwide infrastructure consisting of 68 regional and multidisciplinary networks of specifically trained allied healthcare professionals who deliver integrated care to patients with Parkinson’s disease. Almost 3,000 healthcare professionals are part of this network.

ParkinsonNet’s goal: to make sure that every person around the world with some form of Parkinson’s disease receives the best care possible. ParkinsonNet accomplishes this goal by providing training, a yearly congress, developing guidelines, research and connecting patients and healthcare professionals. ParkinsonNet facilitates optimal collaboration between professionals and provides transparency about the quality and costs of healthcare. The result of the ParkinsonNet model is an increase in quality of care, greater efficiency, a reduction in disease complications (including a 50% reduction in hip fractures) and a marked reduction in costs. Because of these marked achievements, ParkinsonNet has received multiple national and international awards, including the prestigious Value Based Health Care Award 2015 by the renowned professor and health economist Michael J. Porter. Dr. Bas Bloem received this year’s Holst Memorial Lecture Award 2015 from Philips Research and Eindhoven University of Technology in recognition of his research and initiatives in Healthcare Innovation.

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