Pager is a healthcare startup reinventing the traditional doctor-patient experience.

salazar-150x150Pager’s on-demand service connects you with board-certified doctors that provide the care you need, whenever and wherever. Doctors will come to your home, office or hotel within 2 hours – a convenient alternative to crowded emergency rooms and busy doctor’s offices. The Pager app takes care of everything so the patient can focus on getting better faster.

Pager was launched in 2014 in New York City by an experienced group of serial entrepreneurs from successful startups (Uber, Teladoc, Gilt, Buzzfeed). Inspired by a desire to improve access to healthcare through technology, founders Gaspard de Dreuzy, Philip Eytan and Oscar Salazar combined their passion and expertise to simplify the medical experience and deliver the best possible care to patients.

We sat down with Summit 2016 speaker Oscar Salazar, Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder of Pager to talk about how their unique model facilitates Aging in Place.

Why are you and Pager participating in the Summit 2016?

Pager is a company that brings quality health care to you. Pager is disrupting the current model and changing it for the better. The Summit is a premier conference that brings together entrepreneurs, healthcare leaders and policymakers to name a few to talk about topics that Pager are passionate about.

Tell us your disruptive innovation story. What is Pager working on that will change the game for healthcare and/or for Aging Americans?

Pager is known as an on-demand healthcare service. Pager provides immediate access to healthcare with the touch of button or click of a mouse. Pager was launched in 2014 and the inspiration for the company stems from a couple things. First, one of the co-founders, Gaspard De Druezy grew up in France and always had access to the house call service called SOS Medicines, which was based around the idea of accessible and convenient care. Additionally, the three partners have a joint passion and history for using technology and design to disrupt archaic business models. This fuels their belief that patients should be able to find and receive high-quality healthcare without the hassle, and Pager is here to simplify the process.

We have had success in identifying the cracks within major industries that operate with traditional platforms and processes. When you have a clear problem, it is easier to create a scalable solution, by leveraging technology. Pager wants to make people’s lives run smoother, so the consumer experience is always at the top of mind for us.

What do you see as the single most untapped opportunity in healthcare today?

The single most untapped opportunity in healthcare today is helping patients simply navigate the healthcare landscape with a simple touch of button. Unlike other chat based services, telemedicine or house call platforms, Pager offers the full on-demand healthcare experience, combining the best elements of text based chat, tele-medicine and in-person visits to make care affordable and accessible. Doctors on Demand and telemedicine companies in general, offer a singular solution to the patient. The core differentiator is that Pager gives the patient the optimal healthcare experience and in many cases it may involve delivering a doctor to your home when an in-person visit is required.

What do you see as the biggest obstacle to improving healthcare for Aging Americans?

There are really two major obstacles, cost and experience. In general, the bar for patient experience is set very low and patients are left confused and frustrated. Pager is well positioned to disrupt this model by empowering patients through simplifying the experience and creating a responsive service. This leads to better experiences and a healthier nation.

The concept of an in-person visit is nothing new and allows for a highly personalized encounter to exist. Both the physician and the patient would greatly prefer more focused time with minimal chaos. In creating a high touch experience, Pager is enabling a better connection with the doctor (sometimes nurse) and patient. In many ways the overuse and misuse of things like the Emergency Room have resulted in many of the inefficiencies that plague the healthcare system. Higher costs, higher premiums, long lines, unhappy customers, stressed clinicians. Pager’s model is about changing that approach and reducing friction for all parties. Based on Pager’s success to date, they are seeing happier patients and happier clinicians, mostly because they get to focus on the patients and do what they love to do.

Paint us a picture of the healthcare delivery system for Aging Americans 5 years from today?

Five years from today, the dynamics of the healthcare industry will shift largely on how people access care. For the aging population, devices such as iPads installed in the home, nursing home or place of residence will be a norm and connectivity will allow for immediate access to care of types. AI technology will help with scalability of these tools and this will also enable us to track and improve the types of care, both from a cost and experience standpoint. Adjectives such as clear and responsive will define our future.


About Oscar Salazar

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Oscar is the Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Pager. Oscar has been a part of several successful ventures. He is the founding CTO of Uber and current advisor, as well as the VP of Technology at Ride and CEO of CitiVox.


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