eCaring keeps people out of the hospital by generating essential real time health care data from the home.

Their unique cloud-based system integrates significant behavioral, clinical and medication adherence data to manage and monitor seniors and people with chronic conditions. That information is filtered for care managers and providers, hospitals and health plans, generating actionable alerts that enable timely interventions which keep small problems in the home from leading to big ones in the hospital. A single platform manages all conditions, providing a unique new source of major health care data. The results are more efficient allocation of resources, improved information sharing, and reduced overall cost of care.

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We sat down with eCaring CEO and Founder, Robert Herzog to learn more about how his company is changing the game for Aging Americans.

Why did eCaring participate in the Summit 2016?

We participated for a number of reasons: Many people are not aware that it is now possible to get comprehensive actionable real time health care information from the home, nor of the impact such data can have for improving outcomes at all stages of a patient’s care. So we attended the event as a meant to educate health care people about this new source of big health care data and how organizations are using it to reduce utilization and cost while enhancing the patient experience.

We also always want to keep up to date as to what other organizations are doing, to learn and to scout for potential partnerships, relationships or users. For example, we are often the only internet connected device in a home, and the tablet we provide, with a camera and microphone, could be used to provide telehealth services into homes that otherwise would not have access to them.

Tell us your disruptive innovation story. What is eCaring working on that change the game for healthcare and Aging Americans?

eCaring provides a line of sight into the home to generate for the first time extensive meaningful health care data from the home. Nobody has done that before to the extent that eCaring does. It possesses this capability because we took a very different approach to generating good health care information from the home, one that began with the home care worker and the skills they possess.

What do you see as the single most untapped opportunity in healthcare today? (e.g. wearables, telemedicine, policy, etc.).

One of the craziest elements of US health care is that millions of Medicaid recipients, who are often the costliest, neediest most vulnerable members of the population, are in programs which are essentially indifferent to whether those recipients go to the hospital, as they have no financial exposure or negative consequences to inpatient costs and services. There have been some attempts to reconcile accountability under single umbrellas, but they are scattered and slow in adoption. If CMS were to create a clear mandate that established accountability for all costs with single organizations, the impact on health costs and outcomes would be dramatic, saving tens of billions of dollars while improving care quality for millions. Associated with that is finding the means to bring the benefits of digital technology and services to the many low income underserved households who otherwise lack access. Too much technology is oriented to the tech savvy smartphone user, not enough to those who lack that infrastructure.

What do you see as the biggest obstacle to improving healthcare for Aging Americans?

Same answer as above.

Paint us a picture of the healthcare delivery system for Aging Americans 5 years from today?

There has been a slow, steady, often bumpy move towards attempting to prioritize services.


About Robert M. Herzog

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Robert is a pioneer in applying emerging technologies to unique business problems, and has worked extensively and successfully both as an entrepreneur and as senior executive with startup companies such as Motionbox, Diva, ON2 Corp, Softcom, Granite Films and City Winery, major corporations including JPMorgan Chase, Cahners Communications and the Sarnoff Research Center, and not-for-profits including New Jersey Appleseed and Ecotrust.


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