TouchCare makes mobile health easy by securely connecting physicians and patients anytime, anywhere.

Now, some appointments can be quick, personal and convenient. Designed for medical practices of all sizes, from solo providers to hospitals, the TouchCare telemedicine app requires no lengthy implementation, works within existing workflows and can be easily deployed with a simple download from the App Store.touchprodlogo

We sat down with 2016 speaker Damian Gilbert, Founder and CEO of TouchCare, to learn more about the role his company plays in transforming care for Aging Americans.

Why are you and TouchCare participating in the Executive Summit 2016?

The aging population is an enormous challenge for everyone in health care.  It’s about rising costs, increasing numbers of chronically ill (already a struggle for Medicare), and an already existing shortage of providers with the skills to care for aging patients. TouchCare not only wants to join the discussion, but also help to pave the way for solutions for aging Americans to have access to quality care in the most cost effective way.

Tell us your disruptive innovation story. What is TouchCare working on that will change the game for healthcare and Aging Americans?

First and foremost, we are committed to preserving the trusted relationship between patients and their providers. Many issues arise out of fragmented care, so we provide solutions to help keep patients and providers connected and informed. But we also want to solve the access problem by giving providers a tool to reach more patients in an easier, cost-effective way. A way that actually enhances care and improves outcomes.

What do you see as the single most untapped opportunity in healthcare today?

I believe that the single most untapped opportunity in healthcare today is mobile telemedicine. We have an access issue. We have a cost issue. Mobile telemedicine solutions will make a serious dent in these two issues while also helping physicians to be even more preventative with their high-risk patients and the chronically ill.

What do you see as the biggest obstacle to improving healthcare for Aging Americans?

Two things — one is volume. The aging population is growing fast and more and more of them have one or more chronic conditions. That’s a huge burden on our current system. Second, frankly, is resistance to change — not from the patients but from health care institutions and providers themselves. Any time change is introduced — in our case, technology — people resist. And with the acceleration of aging, seriously ill Americans increasing every year, we ca’t afford to resist change.

Paint us a picture of the healthcare delivery system for Aging Americans 5 years from today?

Our world is connected; our care needs to be too. Health is so much more than doctor visits. It’s about a community of care surrounding individuals with personalized support they need. We envision TouchCare as the connecting force that creates that community.

About Damian Gilbert

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Damian Gilbert is the CEO of TouchCare, a company that created a mobile health application that connects providers with their patients via scheduled, video calls. TouchCare’s platform connects patients with their providers, whom they know and trust, a design that supports existing relationships and enhance continuity of care.[/author]

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