Policy Challenges and Opportunities to Enable Successful Aging at Home

By Professor Avi Seidmann, PhD & Ray Dorsey, MD  |   Jul 26, 2016

d.health Policy Whitepaper

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We were delighted to host the d.health Executive Summit in New York City at the historic World Trade Center site for a second year in a row. Over 200 participants joined us in a collaborative effort to disrupt healthcare to allow Americans to Age at Home.

This year’s Presidential primary campaign has largely ignored an issue paramount to a growing segment of our population. Nearly 90% of Americans prefer to age at home, yet barriers, such as antiquated reimbursement and licensing policies, prevent Americans from realizing this goal. To address this political “blind spot,” the Summit assembled health, technology, finance, and policy leaders to discuss today’s best ideas, form tomorrow’s partnerships, and launch the care models of the future.

The d.health Summit agenda featured more than 10 CEOs and numerous thought leaders who are disrupting healthcare to modernize homecare, provide virtual visits into the home, transform the insurance industry, redesign and reframe successful aging, and revolutionize medical education. Noted journalists from The New York Times, The Atlantic, and Fast Company moderated the panel sessions. Nationally-known leaders in healthcare and the aging space joined new entrants to the market to provide unique perspectives and discover synergies.

This document provides policy recommendations based on what was an exciting day of discussion and collaborative thinking.

Avi & Ray

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