New Visioning Session: Creating a ROADMAP FOR SUCCESSFUL AGING

Where are we now, where are we headed, and how will we get there?

An exciting addition to this year’s Summit is West Health’s Visioning Session which will take place on May 9. The goal of the session is to develop a roadmap for improving the patient experience, based on their preferences and experiences, to enable Successful Aging now and into the future.

During a conference panel on May 10, we will share highlights of the Visioning Session, including themes and visualizations captured throughout the day. Called: “Welcome to 2030: Successful Aging Begins Here,” the Visioning Session brings together experts in aging and healthcare to gain insights and exchange innovative ideas, engage in constructive dialogue, and share wisdom on how we can enable seniors to successfully age in place, with a focus on what matters most to patients.

At the Summit, we will unveil the draft roadmap, share learnings, and continue the dialogue with thought leaders in the broader community to spur action—ultimately enacting change in a value-driven, outcome-oriented way.

Our nation’s seniors deserve our best thinking and innovative ideas today, so that we can create more senior-specific models of care, provide better support for family caregivers and make home and community-based assets more readily available for seniors today and tomorrow.

West Health Mission

Our mission is to enable seniors to successfully age in place, with access to high-quality, affordable health and support services that preserve and protect their dignity, quality of life and independence.

Our Capabilities

Through a combination of applied medical research, outcomes-based philanthropy and policy and advocacy initiatives, West Health is committed to supporting and creating healthcare delivery models that improve care and access while reducing costs for our fast-growing, diverse population of seniors.  The West Health Institute, West Health Policy Center and the Gary and Mary West Foundation all work together under the umbrella of West Health, with a shared mission to enable successful aging for our nation’s seniors.

Areas of Focus

We’re helping make life better for seniors who are often dealing with multiple chronic conditions and lack access to high-quality, affordable healthcare, oral care and social services and supports. Our areas of focus include development and research for senior-specific, comprehensive models of care (which include both medical and non-medical social services). These include:

Advancing Senior-Appropriate Acute Care: West Health is researching how senior-focused care in an acute setting, such as a hospital emergency department.

Advancing Chronic Care: West Health is exploring how to improve care for seniors with long term-illnesses at home – where they prefer it most.

Advancing Long-term Services & Supports: West Health collaborates to advance community-based programs and nutritional services that support independence for seniors.



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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The New York Academy of Sciences

7 World Trade Center
250 Greenwich St. 40th Fl
New York, NY 10007 digest

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