Beyond Healthcare to Successful Aging: America’s Next Revolution

Forging new alliances, disruptive models and practical policy solutions

Wednesday, June 6, 2018 | Boston, Massachusetts 

Welcome to the 2018 Summit

Shelley Lyford
President & CEO
West Health

Ray Dorsey
Co-Chair Summit

Welcome to Boston

Alice Bonner
Secretary of Elder Affairs, State of Massachusetts

Pursuit of Successful Aging at City, State, and Federal Levels

Boston is ranked #9 on the Milken Institute’s Best Cities for Successful Aging 2017 Report. What is needed to bring models that enable successful aging in cities like Boston to scale regionally and nationally? What makes it such a good place for successful aging? What can other cities learn from it? Given the healthcare-policy gridlock in Washington, what opportunities exist for localities to innovate in this area?

David Klein
Special Advisor to CEO, URMC

Melanie Bella
Chief of New Business and Policy, Cityblock Health

Krista Drobac
Executive Director, Alliance for Connected Care

Sandy Markwood
CEO, National Association of Area Agencies on Aging

Kedar Mate
Senior Vice President, Institute for Healthcare Improvement

West Health Visioning Session Briefing

Making the Business Case for Successful Aging

West Health explores the business case for investing and advancing new care models to enable successful aging. Why start the healthcare revolution with Older Americans? Why are we still talking about the cost of healthcare?

Timothy Lash, MBA
Chief Strategy Officer & EVP, Successful Aging, West Health; President, West Health Policy Center

Sponsored by VNA Health Group

Innovation Keynote

Christine Cassel
Planning Dean, Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine

Revolutionizing the Marketplace of Ideas to Transform Care Delivery

A number of recent partnerships and initiatives have focused on using technology to improve the physical delivery of health solutions, such as Lyft’s alliances with CVS and AllScripts, and Amazon’s expansion of Prime Services to Medicaid beneficiaries. Is this likely to continue, and are there other areas ripe for such technological disruption? What is the importance of reaching across disciplines to forge new alliances, devise practical policy solutions and disrupt current care models?

Laura Landro
Contributor, Wall Street Journal

Joseph Coughlin
Founder and Director, MIT AgeLab

Mary Modahl
Senior VP and Chief Marketing Officer, American Well

Timothy Peck
CEO, Call9

Matt Patterson
President, Welbe Health

Partner’s Health Pre-summit Event Briefing

Aging & Technology: An Intimate Conversation with Thought Leaders

As a lead up to the 2018 Summit, connected health visionary, Dr. Joe Kvedar, and the Personal Connected Health Alliance are convening an intimate gathering in Boston to explore the latest insights, innovations and initiatives in healthy aging. Our distinguished speakers will also address the pressing need to develop personal connected health technologies to achieve a better quality of life as we age, and identify important collaborations for future development of this market.

Joseph Kvedar
VP of Connected health, Partners Healthcare


Troyen Brennan
MD Executive VP and Chief Medical Officer, CVS Health

What’s Ahead on the Road to Successful Aging

Shelley Lyford
President & CEO
West Health

Avi Seidmann
Co-Chair Summit